Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Things Grow

At a time when the only things growing in my life seem to be mold - over my entire apartment and all my belongings - and uninsured health problems, who else but my parents could remind me that good things grow, too. This unsolicited bounty (plus a few items that found my mouth before they found their way into this photo) came from their garden in the fertile soils of Camano Island and it was casually handed to me in a large plastic bag during a family get-together over the weekend.
When I took it home and began washing and inspecting it all, I found myself immersed in the unique and strangely calming beauty of these things that spring up out of the ground and grow ever more appealing as time goes by...
then I began to question the wisdom of mustard-yellow counter tops and wondered if I should maybe sneak all this produce into a Lowe's display kitchenette for a more attractive photo shoot.

Counter tops aside, I realized that even in a storm of worries and problems, there is usually plenty to be grateful for; in this case, loved ones and vegetables.
So here's a special thank you to all my friends, family and... Swiss Chard (it's just so pretty!)


  1. A photo? Am I at the right blog? Your mustard countertop looks attractively autumnal as a backdrop, even though it is my least favorite color. You can call it Tuscan Gold and be a hipster? Hope that the vegetables restore your health. The blogosphere needs you.

  2. The vegetables are very beautiful - simple, colorful, delicious. And I would like to note that you do them justice with your cooking too.
    The harvest gold counter tops serve as a great backdrop for this bounty of vegetables. For the everyday interior decor? Not so much.

  3. Having the opportunity to share the amazing bounty of a summer garden with loved ones is perhaps the best of all!!

  4. :) I had this same calm, smiley reaction to cleaning his gift of produce as well. I've enjoyed them so much!