Friday, June 12, 2009


Once again (and so soon!), a widely cast web of apologies is in order for my neglect of this blog, which this time has been a result of several weeks spent moving to a new rental unit, spotty internet access, comedic levels of exhaustion, and a deep angst about the new, horrifically-neglected "garden" I have inherited with my new home (the "lawn" was 3-feet tall upon my arrival and the bones of no fewer than 3 Christmas trees are still strewn about like forgotten casualties). Such potential, and me without a moment or dollar to spare.
I also apologize for leaving nothing but a bizarre cliffhanger of an unexplained poem to hold my place.


  1. Sounds like the soulless plastic watering can may be a thing of the past though! I assume the new garden came with an outside tap? Good thing you don't have photos on this blog. We might all faint if we saw your ghosts of Christmas Past.

  2. Quit apologizing and get blogging! I'm ready to be entertained by one of your irreverent posts.

  3. You're a hortisexual.