Monday, May 11, 2009

Make Yourself at Home

Maybe I started the pole beans inside too soon, maybe winter lasted too long; whatever the case, by the time these were cut out of the window blinds, they had flowered and begun to set fruit. So next year, when you start seeing pole beans alongside the countless Ficus and Dracaena of box-store houseplant displays, you'll know who to thank.
(Photo by Roni)


  1. Absolutely delightful.
    I have that same problem, but with beer cans.

    I like the beans much better.

  2. Love the picture. How are you going to move THAT?

  3. Add a few more windows, turn the living room into a greenhouse, and set a new architectural trend.

  4. I/V- I can only get empty beer cans to accumulate, still working on the full ones.

    Anon.- No moving these, I'm just going to plant more and let the next tenants enjoy the jungle.

    SGC- Good call, in fact I'm going to label all of my gardening mistakes as "New Trends".

  5. so can i call "forgeting to water the pothos over the fish tank for a month" a new trend?